Friday, March 22, 2013

Myths People Believe about Sex Offenders and their wives

I have read on other sites that the reason wife's are silent about what they have gone through is because they are normally viewed as being apart of the abuse. I don't know if that is true or not. I can tell you - I do not care if people think I was apart of it.. I wasn't. God knows the truth. I can also tell you: Satan is sneaky and he works in sly ways. We do not know the thoughts of another, I am sure Satan uses this to his full potential. Wifes, do not hide, I know you didn't know.

People also believe you can spot a sex offender from across the street. They are wrong. Sex offenders are everywhere. They are CEO's and accountants, they are the meat manager at Kroger and the waiter at your favorite restaruant. They are well dressed, well spoken, clean cut and therefore, well hidden.

Also, the general pubic thinks that you have to be abused in order to become an offender. What about those who are abused who do not become offenders? While there may be some statistics to support this idea... it is not fact and doesn't always prove to be correct. Satan, the father of lies is waiting to catch anyone who doesn't RUN to GOD and find refuge there. Sex offenders are people, people God loves, He hates sin - not the sinner.

I pray you RUN to GOD to seek the Truth about sin and realize we are all capable of any sin. I, in no way, am stating that sin is okay, or justified. Sin leads to death. Please, open your eyes to this Truth.

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