Saturday, March 16, 2013

Do you or someone you know have an addiction to pornography or other sexual addiction? Do they want to stop? My husband battled this addiction for a very long time. It led him to be completely desensitized to humanity. People were not people, they were objects. Anything he needed to fulfill that sexual desire. He turned to whatever was easy for him.

When we first started dating, I knew he was 'into' pornography. I watched it with him. I didn't care. At least, he isn't cheating on me... really. When we found Christ and his salvation, pornography didn't have a place in our family anymore. That didn't, however, stop my husbands addiction. He thought if he was saved this addiction would just go away... it got worse. The enemy pushed him down so hard. He lied about watching it, buying it, owning it... etc.

It lead to his ultimate fall. Do not kid yourself...everyone is capable of this same sin.

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